Auction one of a kind 78 by wounded kite!

As you might know recorded a 78 record on the Rek-o-Kut in September last year and now The Record Industry  will  auction this for charity, more specific the children of refugees at Lesbos and Idomeni, Greece. Other records to be auctioned are from Douwe Bob, Yorick van Norden, Lea Kliphuis, Bewilder, […]


Where can I get mine?

Get your copy of “A slow cab won’t take you any”  at: Amsterdam The Recordfriend Cafe De Ruimte The Record Palace Concerto Velvet Music Breda Grey Recordstore   Or online at Platomania.com or on our Bandcamp page… Ooh, and don’t wait too long, there are only 100 numbered copies made! 😉